About Transcendent Self Therapy

We honor your decision to consider therapy as a tool of healing and change.

We are a therapy practice providing individual therapy, couples counseling, group therapy, psychedelic integration, and costume therapy. We offer in-person therapy sessions in our Williamsburg, Brooklyn offices, as well as online therapy sessions throughout New York state. We are an excellent match for people who subscribe to non-traditional lifestyles and we specialize in working with the LGBTQ+ community.

Our staff is expertly trained, multilingual, and diverse in experience and background. However you identify, we strive to truly know you as an individual – your values, beliefs, and outlook on life – while also maintaining an appreciation for overarching human needs, such as the desire for connection with others and the longing to feel understood.

Transcendent Self Therapy — what a mouthful! You may be thinking, “I know what ‘therapy’ is, but what about that ‘Transcendent Self’ part? What does that mean? Transcendent means exceptional, beyond or above what is normal or ordinary in human experience. Transcendent experiences can help us move beyond our everyday routines and perceive ourselves and the world differently. This opportunity to create new perspective enables us to take action and make changes to better our lives. Transcendent Self Therapy supports you in doing just this: we help you get unstuck. We help you process emotions and free up space inside you for newness. We help you open up your world in ways you may not even have imagined, so that you can live a fuller, more meaningful life.

Transcendent Self Therapy


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