In our always-on world, anxiety can become an unwelcome companion

We live in an era where we are constantly “on” and our nervous systems are overactivated. Whether it’s needing to respond to work emails 24/7, daily reminders of national and global catastrophe, or continual comparison of our lives versus those of others we perceive on social media… it’s hard to find peace and quiet!

Many of us are familiar with the feeling of anxiety — being on edge, nervous, stuck, restless. And, we may do a fairly good job of managing that anxiety via gratitude for what we have, and trying to stay focused in the present. However, there is a tipping point that can be reached when we no longer are able to function and our relationships, career, and health suffers. This is the time when therapy can be an excellent tool to help heal this harmful spiraling.

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Heightened Sensitivity

Everyday sounds and tasks can feel overwhelmingly intense.

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Social Media Paradox

Comparison on social media often deepens anxiety’s sting.

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Relentless Inner Critic

Anxiety magnifies self-doubt and personal flaws.

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Feeling Misunderstood

Misunderstandings from others can amplify feelings of isolation.

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Panic Attacks

Intense episodes of fear or discomfort, with physical symptoms

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Impact on Daily Life

Overwhelming presence of anxiety symptoms.

Build trust in yourself through multifaceted anxiety therapy

Anxiety therapy works on several levels, addressing cognitive, emotional, physical, and psychic components. We will work to understand the root of your anxiety in order to help you better understand and make sense of the fears and self-doubt you carry. We will help you grow compassion for your struggle instead of continuing an endless loop of shame and frustration.

We will help you challenge the limiting beliefs you hold about yourself, others, and the world. We will provide you exercises such as mindfulness so that you have tools to address symptoms immediately. And ultimately, we will help you feel more connected to yourself, so that you know that no matter what challenges arise in life (and there will always be new challenges!) you will address them with trust and confidence in yourself.

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