Couples Counseling

Explore the art of communication and connection in the safe space of couples counseling

At Transcendent Self Therapy, we recognize the unique nature of every relationship and are committed to enhancing the joy and fulfillment in yours. Whether you’re exploring monogamy, polyamory, or ethical non-monogamy, our approach is inclusive and affirming. We’re not just familiar with a wide range of relationship dynamics; we’re also kink-aware and uphold a sex-positive ethos.

Specializing in sex and sexuality, we offer targeted support to address these vital aspects of your relationship. During our 60-minute weekly sessions, we tackle issues ranging from infidelity and intimacy challenges to financial disputes and parenting styles, always with the aim of deepening your connection and mutual understanding.

Let us guide you toward a relationship where every partner feels valued, understood, and connected.

Couples counseling can be of great benefit to those struggling with the following:


High conflict or lack of connection

Disagreements over finances

Issues with trust

Infertility issues

Issues with sex and/or arousal and desire discrepancy

Differences around belief systems, religion, or religiosity

Not feeling understood or valued

Conflicts regarding parenting styles

Problematic relationships with extended family, friends, or community

Explore the stages of your relationship with the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy, designed to foster growth, resilience, and deeper connection

The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy is akin to embarking on a journey through the stages of a relationship, guiding couples through the inherent growth and transformation experienced by both individuals and their partnership.

It underscores the importance of striking a delicate balance between individual autonomy and establishing a secure attachment within the relationship fabric. This approach places significant emphasis on cultivating tailored skills and strengths at each stage, fostering personal growth, and refining interpersonal dynamics.

Throughout the therapeutic journey, practical tools and insights are explored to enhance communication, deepen understanding, and fortify the connection, empowering couples to navigate challenges and construct a lasting, resilient partnership.

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