Depression is more than just sadness

We all have our moments of sadness: crying, longing, loss… suffering is unavoidable and a part of the depth it is to be human. Depression is different than sadness. It is when suffering becomes overbearing and untenable. Depression is difficulty getting out of bed, keeping up with your hygiene, making and keeping appointments, maintaining relationships, completing your work, getting anything done.

Depression feels like a thick blanket, although not any blanket you would actually want to feel nice and cozy, but rather a blanket that is smothering you, when it’s hard to breathe, when you don’t know how you will continue on.

So many people suffer in silence. They feel ashamed of their difficulties with functioning, and so they burrow further down into a hole of melancholy, and the hole just gets deeper. For some, depression looks like increased irritability and anger. For some, it’s a loss of interest in what used to give them pleasure, whether that’s hobbies or sex. For some, it’s difficulties with eating — either too much or not enough.

For some, it’s issues with sleep — again too much or too little. For some, it’s the abuse of substances. And for some, it’s just a feeling of utter nothingness, blankness, deadness.

A desire to “just not exist.”

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Beyond Sadness

Depression can transform normal sadness into an overwhelming burden.

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Smothering Blanket

Some feel like being trapped under a weight that stifles every breath.

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Silent Suffering

Many hide their struggle, deepening their isolation and despair.

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Varied Faces

Depression manifests uniquely, from irritability to a sense of emptiness.

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Loss of Joy

Depression can steal the pleasure from once-loved activities, leaving a void.

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Fatigue or Loss of Energy

Constantly fatigued, physically drained, or lacking energy, even after getting rest.

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Impact on Daily Life

Overwhelming presence of symptoms impacting daily life.

We are holding hope for you on your healing journey 

Can you imagine feeling better, more like yourself again?

If it’s hard to do so, we will hold that hope for you. We will work with you to understand your pain, to find your voice, to explore your wants, to assert your needs, to heal. Through our therapeutic relationship, you will find meaning again or perhaps for the first time in your life.

You will build a sense of self worth that you may not have even conceived was possible. You can feel better, and we are here to help you in that process of change.

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