Group Therapy

Connect, learn, and grow together in group therapy

Many people seeking therapy experience some sense of isolation and dissatisfaction in their particular life situation; this can include establishing and maintaining close, mutually gratifying and meaningful relationships with others.

Group therapy is a great way in which to learn more about how one relates to others and how to improve this, as well as gain support and strength.

Each group meets once per week for 60-75 minutes.

Skills for authentic living:

Group therapy tackles isolation and enhances relationships.

Group therapy offers tangible tools for life improvement.

Group therapy for authentic living and effective stress coping.

Learn to relate better to others and gain support weekly.

Master mindfulness, emotional regulation, and more.

Improve relationships and self-esteem with strategies in therapy.

Dialectic behavioral therapy (DBT) skills group

This group is a great fit for people in distress who want tangible tools to improve their lives.

It teaches four skill sets (Mindfulness, Emotional Regulation, Distress Tolerance, and Interpersonal Effectiveness) to help individuals gain greater control, clarity, acceptance and peace.

The main goals of DBT are helping people live more authentically in the moment, develop new ways to cope with stress and anxiety, learn how to self-regulate emotions and how to ask for support, improve interpersonal relationships, clarify personal values, and build self-esteem.

This group is facilitated classroom style – patients will overview one or two skills a week in order to experience immediate results.

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