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We honor your decision to consider therapy as a tool of healing and change.

Our staff is expertly trained, multilingual, and diverse in experience and background. However you identify, we strive to truly know you as an individual – your values, beliefs, and outlook on life – while also maintaining an appreciation for overarching human needs, such as the desire for connection with others and the longing to feel understood.

Kateri Berasi, Psy.D. (she/her)

Kateri is a licensed psychologist who founded Transcendent Self Therapy. She specializes in therapy for artists and those in the creative industries, identity concerns, and anxiety. With degrees from Columbia and Long Island University, she’s authored book chapters and presented at conferences on these topics.

Jiayi Shao, MHC—LP (she/her)

Jiayi “Shao” Shao, a bilingual therapist from China trained at Columbia University, believes in Tao’s healing power of navigating life fluidly. Specializing in LGBTQ+, BIPOC communities, and the young adult population, she uses diverse therapy techniques inspired by Zen Buddhism and improv theater to aid self-discovery in a warm, empathic space.

Caitlin Morrison, LMSW (she/her)

Caitlin received her social worker education at Salem State University and pursued specialized training in couples therapy afterward to further these skills. She normalizes seeking therapy for relationships, emphasizing individuality over societal expectations. Caitlin’s eclectic approach integrates humanistic, relational, and family systems perspectives, focusing on destigmatizing sex and promoting body positivity. She specialized in LGBTQIA+, polyamorous, and kink communities.

Anna Lucille Calabrese, LMSW (she/her)

Anna has dual Masters degrees in clinical social work and theology from Columbia University and uses these to foster the exploration of meaning-making. She offers individual, couples, and group therapy, focusing on relational experiences and integrating various therapeutic approaches such as IFS and depth psychology. Anna addresses trauma, addiction, life transitions, LGBTQIA issues, and more, incorporating art, writing, and nature into therapy.

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Tanya Marwaha, MHC-LP (she/her)

Tanya, a bilingual therapist from India trained at Columbia University, offers individual and group therapy to people with all identities, abilities, and bodies. Tanya is passionate about working with those experiencing concerns with eating disorders, disordered eating, and body image, as well as members of the BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and immigrant communities. Tanya allows her strong sense of intuition, unending curiosity about the human experience, and desire for discovery and change to guide her work.  

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