Caitlin Morrison, LMSW (she/her)

Relationships are hard, conflict is normal, and seeking couples therapy does not mean your relationship is broken. Just like there’s no singular “right way” to be a human, there is no single “right way” to be in a relationship. Decades of romantic comedy films and fairy tales with people who “lived happily ever after” are, quite literally, fiction.

Whether you’re seeking individual or couples therapy, Caitlin believes that meaningful change tends to occur when people can shed societal expectations of what they “should” be, in favor of embracing who they are. To that end, Caitlin has an eclectic style that integrates humanistic, relational, and family systems perspectives to fit the particular situation and individual(s) in the room. She seeks to de-stigmatize sex, help people feel at home in their bodies, and encourage people to feel good about what they do in or with their bodies. Although Caitlin works with folks who have a variety of presenting concerns and backgrounds, she has a specific interest in working with individuals, couples, and people in partnerships who are identified as part of the LGBTQIA+, polyamorous, and kink communities.

After completing her Master of Social Work degree at Salem State University, she pursued post-graduate education in the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy with Dr. Ellyn Bader. She attained specialized training in working with sex and sexuality in psychotherapy, including desire discrepancy and infidelity, through the training “Assessing and Treating Sex Issues in Psychotherapy” (ATSIP) with Martha Kauppi, LMFT.

Caitlin strongly believes that her clients are the experts in their own experiences. She is committed to creating a space that is anti-racist, sex positive, and LGBTQIA+ affirming. She values transparency in the therapy process and seeks to build a collaborative alliance with everyone she works with.

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